screw conveyor 

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Features: 1. The bearing capacity, safe and reliable.
2. Strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
3. The machine has small volume, high speed, to ensure uniform delivery quickly.
4. The discharging end is equipped with cleaning device, low noise, strong adaptability, in and out of the mouth position arranged flexibly.
5. Good sealing, the shell adopts the seamless steel tube production, end use flange connection with each other as a body, good rigidity.
Working principle of the screw conveyor, screw conveyor is the use of rotating screw within the casing materials will be transported along a fixed on the conveyance, the head and the tail bearing to the shell, sliding bearing is equipped with dust-proof sealing device for the suspension bearing, bearing bush generally use of powder metallurgy, cement adopts the felt pad, lift shaft and propeller shaft connected by sliding block.[本信息来自于今日推荐网]